Teen Boot Camp

Adolescent training camps are generally designed for adolescents with challenging or difficult behaviors, especially those whose parents no longer feel able to exert a positive influence on the adolescent. There are also training camps available for teenagers who are looking for weight loss, and for teens hoping to boost their confidence and self-esteem. These camps can be as short as a couple of weeks or as long as three months, and can range from helping people at risk from social upheaval to developing confidence through extreme sports. California hosts a wide variety of camps, both co-ed and single sex, for a variety of ages.

Summer Camps For Troubled Teens

Summer camps for troubled teens are designed to help teens with social issues, or those at risk of developing them. Camp Orange view runs three summer programs: the Butterfly Program, the Phoenix Program and the Eagle Program. The Butterfly Program is a two-week program for those between the ages of 11 and 18 who are at risk of developing social disruption. The program focuses on reorienting negative behaviors and creating positive behaviors. The Phoenix Program is a four-week program for teens ages 11 to 18 who are in trouble, with past youthful experience, alternative family interventions or environments.

Weight Loss Fields

There are numerous weight loss camps located in California. These teens help to lose weight throughout the field, and teach behaviors and eating patterns that help teens not to gain weight again once the camp is over. Wellspring Academy of California is designed for teens to lose weight and catch up or accelerate academically. There are 10 or 13 week sessions available, which include the ability to earn academic credits for diet and behavior management and behavioral coaching. Wellspring Academy offers single sex camps for teens, and separate camps for pre-teens. Camp Balanza is a small, family-run, weight loss camp for young women between the ages of 12 and 17. The camp promotes an environment of care and upbringing. The focus is on lifestyle changes, exploring the roots of overeating and regular physical activity. Chicks Tahoe Adventure is a healthy lifestyle learning environment focused on proper nutrition and various outdoor adventure activities. The camp emphasizes confidence building and pleasant weight loss.

Wilderness Camps

Wilderness camps provide teens with challenging and exciting outdoor experiences, including hiking, kayaking, and surfing. Wilderness Adventures offer three weeks of “California Wild Adventure Leadership” where teens learn wilderness travel skills in a team-oriented environment. The experience consists of rowing team rafts through exciting rapids and hiking through the giant redwoods. With an emphasis on tolerance, encouragement, acceptance and respect for others, experience helps participants develop leadership and confidence skills and work dynamically within a team.

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