Gadgets To Stay Healthy And Fit

Preserve health has been one of the major objectives pursued technological advances. Every day we have new devices available that can be used in conjunction with others and control or protect people from disease. We will discuss some gadgets that are at the forefront of technology in the topic:

Bracelet Pendrive To Store Medical History: This is useful for people with chronic diseases and elderly. Gadgets of this type are already used in some medical centers.

MYID Band: MYID band is a variant of the above and with a QR code or key, patient data can reach mobile doctor.

The Buzzy: Buzzy is a unique device capable of relieving the pain of a prick; especially useful for children. It can also be used for bites or scratches.

Belt With Infrared Treatment: With LED innovation created by NASA. This gadget empowers blood dissemination, calming swelling in the joints and releases the tight muscles in all parts of the body. This kind of contraptions can have an extremely checked advancement in the clinical setting over the coming years.

Stimulator For Neck Skin: Device that helps stimulate the neck muscles in order to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.

Withings: This gadget is synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth and serves to control daily activities, personal health and fitness goals.

Mini Steam Humidifier Shaped Android: Using a USB connection, you can work more than 10 hours helping to improve the environment.

The Dash, smart headphones: Launched this year for all kinds of outdoor sportsman, it is uncomfortable to be always aware of the position of the headset; These headphones are able to not fall or move, but also to monitor all sports. This German project is a commitment to technological advancement; system much more comfortable for the athlete wireless audio. What really draws the attention of The Dash, are features that allow quantification leave at home the Smart Watch or quantifying bracelet, only to use these headphones in control of your workouts. The Dash counts steps, cadence, distance, heart rate, oxygen saturation and the energy consumed in this activity. Communicates via notifications performance during movement;

Meanwhile Parrot has designed a new handset model, aspiring to become a real coach capable of monitoring all our physical activity. It includes a cardiac sensor and a pedometer through which it can meet the heart’s function during the sessions.

Voyce Collar: This device watch your pet while you’re not home; designed for dogs and developed by biologists and engineers in animals. This gadget monitors the health and daily behavior, recording their activity, sleep cycles, calories, heart rate and breathing. All such information is a mobile device like smartphone, where it is also possible to send data to a veterinarian.

We hope the above article will help you to find a health gadget for your and for your pets. If you need more information than you can check their official website or can follow their facebook page to get the latest updates on new products and more health tips. Also read what are the benefits of using the health tips in your daily life.

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