The quality of the final paint depends on various factors throughout the painting process . Some of the most important are:

1.-Pre-treatment of the pieces.
2.-Painting equipment.
3.-Quality and Type of paint to use.
4.-Conditions of application.
5.-Design of the oven.
6.-Conditions of operation of the same.
1.- Pre-treatment of the pieces.

The treatment can be as simple as blowing the piece to paint or as complicated as having a multi-step scheme. The choice of it will depend on both the material to be painted, its final requirements and the conditions in which it is initially.

The pre-treatment stage is Degreasing or Preliminary Cleaning . The metal parts to be painted come from the manufacturing process with contamination such as dust, rust, grease, etc. These elements must be eliminated before the treatment is carried out since, Otherwise, they will interfere with the protective layer to be formed.

The most common treatments to be implemented are:

  • Phosphate treatment.
  • Zinc-Phosphate treatment.
  • Treatments with Chrome
  • Chromium-Phosphate.
  • Amorphous Chromo-Phosphate.
  • Amorphous chrome.
  • Application of powder paint

The curing scheme refers to the conditions of Baking the piece painted with powder paint, ie, temperature and time.
Both parameters are necessary when considering the implementation of a furnace or the reform of an existing one.
If you want to obtain a satisfactory painting of the pieces, it is essential to respect the conditions of cure given by the paint manufacturer. In general terms, the following values ​​are given:

Polyester painting : 200ºC – 15 minutes / 180ºC – 20 minutes

Epoxis and Hybrids: 200ºC – 10 minutes / 180ºC – 15 minutes

It is advisable not to deviate too much from these values, Temperatures given in the table refer to metal temperature.

What does this mean?

What if we have a 3 mm iron plate. Of thickness and another plate of equal dimensions but of 15 mm. Thick, the latter will need more time in the oven to achieve good curing as it will take longer to reach 200 ° C than the other sheet.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account all these parameters when implementing a painting line:

  • Oven temperature.
  • Geometry of the furnace (that does not escape the heat)
  • Geometry and mass of the pieces to be painted.
  • Type of powder coat in los angeles used.

As a last piece of advice, the phrase “Better than missing” is not completely true, since in these cases, if the pieces remain too long in the oven, a change in color, decrease in brightness, In light colors and pastels.

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