The quality of the final paint depends on various factors throughout the painting process . Some of the most important are:

1.-Pre-treatment of the pieces.
2.-Painting equipment.
3.-Quality and Type of paint to use.
4.-Conditions of application.
5.-Design of the oven.
6.-Conditions of operation of the same.
1.- Pre-treatment of the pieces.

The treatment can be as simple as blowing the piece to paint or as complicated as having a multi-step scheme. The choice of it will depend on both the material to be painted, its final requirements and the conditions in which it is initially.

The pre-treatment stage is Degreasing or Preliminary Cleaning . The metal parts to be painted come from the manufacturing process with contamination such as dust, rust, grease, etc. These elements must be eliminated before the treatment is carried out since, Otherwise, they will interfere with the protective layer to be formed.

The most common treatments to be implemented are:

  • Phosphate treatment.
  • Zinc-Phosphate treatment.
  • Treatments with Chrome
  • Chromium-Phosphate.
  • Amorphous Chromo-Phosphate.
  • Amorphous chrome.
  • Application of powder paint

The curing scheme refers to the conditions of Baking the piece painted with powder paint, ie, temperature and time.
Both parameters are necessary when considering the implementation of a furnace or the reform of an existing one.
If you want to obtain a satisfactory painting of the pieces, it is essential to respect the conditions of cure given by the paint manufacturer. In general terms, the following values ​​are given:

Polyester painting : 200ºC – 15 minutes / 180ºC – 20 minutes

Epoxis and Hybrids: 200ºC – 10 minutes / 180ºC – 15 minutes

It is advisable not to deviate too much from these values, Temperatures given in the table refer to metal temperature.

What does this mean?

What if we have a 3 mm iron plate. Of thickness and another plate of equal dimensions but of 15 mm. Thick, the latter will need more time in the oven to achieve good curing as it will take longer to reach 200 ° C than the other sheet.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account all these parameters when implementing a painting line:

  • Oven temperature.
  • Geometry of the furnace (that does not escape the heat)
  • Geometry and mass of the pieces to be painted.
  • Type of powder coat in los angeles used.

As a last piece of advice, the phrase “Better than missing” is not completely true, since in these cases, if the pieces remain too long in the oven, a change in color, decrease in brightness, In light colors and pastels.

Why Install Lifts And Elevators Accessible In Summer?

We are already in summer, the warmest time of the year and the one in which physical efforts are paid in the worst possible way. Having an accessible lift in your home or community is, therefore, an essential element if we want our comfort is not affected. If you still do not have it, you should not wait any longer. The installation of accessible lifts in the summer season is undoubtedly the best option, as it offers many different advantages. At modular elevator manufacturing, we introduce you with the advantages of installing the lifts and elevators.

Install Lifts Accessible In Summer, The Best Time

Installing accessible lifts is a must in the 21st century, and more, with the horizontal property law. The greater awareness of society is causing us to worry more about the elderly and those who have a disability and can not access certain places because of poor installation or poor construction. Below, we bring you several reasons why installing an accessible lift in summer is a good choice and possibly the best time to do it all year round.

1. In case you live in a community of neighbors, or you are the decision maker in a large center where there must be lifts, you have to know that summer is a great time for the facilities, as many people leave vacation. Its installation will not disturb anyone and, when they return, they will be able to enjoy them to the maximum.

2. If you install it in the summer, it will be ready and in full performance for September, which is when you return from vacation and start the day to day routine. Therefore, it is a great time to make things easier for the people who have the most difficult.

3. They are an excellent option since they are cheaper than other lifts and do not require so much effort when installing them. We all have a social conscience, but it is also true that we do not want to spend a ‘pasture’ on an elevator.

4. We are in the modern era and it is time to go modernizing, to improve, to progress and to advance. Going with outdated elevators is a mistake, you have to look to the future and fight for those people who need our help. Therefore, an accessible lift is a good start to make their lives easier.

5. Not only will you make life easier for those people who need it right now, but you will be investing in yourself. As you get older you will be more useful. When that time comes, you’ll be glad you took that important step.

Teen Boot Camp

Adolescent training camps are generally designed for adolescents with challenging or difficult behaviors, especially those whose parents no longer feel able to exert a positive influence on the adolescent. There are also training camps available for teenagers who are looking for weight loss, and for teens hoping to boost their confidence and self-esteem. These camps can be as short as a couple of weeks or as long as three months, and can range from helping people at risk from social upheaval to developing confidence through extreme sports. California hosts a wide variety of camps, both co-ed and single sex, for a variety of ages.

Summer Camps For Troubled Teens

Summer camps for troubled teens are designed to help teens with social issues, or those at risk of developing them. Camp Orange view runs three summer programs: the Butterfly Program, the Phoenix Program and the Eagle Program. The Butterfly Program is a two-week program for those between the ages of 11 and 18 who are at risk of developing social disruption. The program focuses on reorienting negative behaviors and creating positive behaviors. The Phoenix Program is a four-week program for teens ages 11 to 18 who are in trouble, with past youthful experience, alternative family interventions or environments.

Weight Loss Fields

There are numerous weight loss camps located in California. These teens help to lose weight throughout the field, and teach behaviors and eating patterns that help teens not to gain weight again once the camp is over. Wellspring Academy of California is designed for teens to lose weight and catch up or accelerate academically. There are 10 or 13 week sessions available, which include the ability to earn academic credits for diet and behavior management and behavioral coaching. Wellspring Academy offers single sex camps for teens, and separate camps for pre-teens. Camp Balanza is a small, family-run, weight loss camp for young women between the ages of 12 and 17. The camp promotes an environment of care and upbringing. The focus is on lifestyle changes, exploring the roots of overeating and regular physical activity. Chicks Tahoe Adventure is a healthy lifestyle learning environment focused on proper nutrition and various outdoor adventure activities. The camp emphasizes confidence building and pleasant weight loss.

Wilderness Camps

Wilderness camps provide teens with challenging and exciting outdoor experiences, including hiking, kayaking, and surfing. Wilderness Adventures offer three weeks of “California Wild Adventure Leadership” where teens learn wilderness travel skills in a team-oriented environment. The experience consists of rowing team rafts through exciting rapids and hiking through the giant redwoods. With an emphasis on tolerance, encouragement, acceptance and respect for others, experience helps participants develop leadership and confidence skills and work dynamically within a team.

Choosing a Yacht Charter

Knowledge is essential to choosing the right yacht, and our experienced rental agents have unparalleled knowledge of the entire fleet, from cabin configuration to crew personalities. Before you sail through the selection of yachts to find the best yacht for your rental policy, take a look at the following guide, highlighting the different categories of yachts and how they can complement your rental.


The mega-yachts adorning the fleet are the ultimate in size, performance and luxury. These majestic motor yachts manage to maintain all the exclusivity, privacy and personalized service of the “junior” super yacht. While life aboard a separate is similar to a five star experience of a boutique hotel, staying aboard a mega yacht is like being a resident of a complete global resort with all or some of the following level: A babysitting cabin, wine cellar, gym, casino, helipad, swimming pool and health center with a multi-gym, treatment rooms, sauna, steam bath, swimming pool, jacuzzi and beauty salon and business center.

With such volume and facilities at its disposal, together with maximum levels of security, the megabyte is prepared for opulent holidays, corporate events and rental yacht vacations greece for large audiences.

50-60-Meter Motor Yachts

Super yachts over 50 meters in the fleet of are the best option to party, entertain or simply give your family and friends the best that life can offer them. The best of the best of super yachts, promise an excess of luxury, comfort and style, however, thanks to its size and innovative design, each has a unique character and identity. Welcoming between 10 and 12 people, with the number of crew to match, these majestic ships slip into luxurious seclusion from the anchor port, indulging all their whims.

The most popular rental yacht is a large displacement motor yacht that is best located at the anchor and provides stability and comfort in difficult conditions. Generally, they offer a cruising speed of between 10 and 14 knots, the displacement yachts are not for those looking for a quick cruise experience, but for those seeking a relaxing pace.

Motor Yachts 35 – 50 Meters

The 35-50-meter motor yacht fleet represents some of the finest examples available for rent today. Fun and luxury, they are the perfect platform to draw attention in the port before catching the waves with style. As with the range of over 50 meters, the vast indoor, jacuzzi and fitness areas and water sports equipment come standard. Parties of up to 12 people can go on board and take advantage of all modern amenities, the latest entertainment and sports equipment and a single level of service of up to 10 crew members.

Within this size range you will find modern, high performance yachts capable of speeds above 20 knots, allowing you to cover a large amount of terrain quickly. You’ll also find heavy-duty yachts, ideal for comfortable cruises as well as for those looking to cover distances in passages at night while sleeping comfortably.

Motor Yachts Less Than 35 Meters

James offer a range of yachts of less than 35 meters that are equally inspiring, fast and classic. From super sleek sports boats to elegant classics, they vary considerably but each offers all the amenities and services for 21st century cruisers. These yachts are ideal for smaller family vacations and more intimate rental parties. With a capacity of 12 people and a professional crew, they offer wonderful luxury and service and can access many of the smallest and most remote anchorage sites.

Sailing Yachts Over 40 Meters

The largest sailing yachts in fleet offer an attractive balance of grace and speed. Their size gives them exceptional comfort, vast deck areas and the ability to accommodate all possible luxuries on board, while their modern hi-tech equipment ensures an exciting performance when sailing. With capacity for up to 12 people, with the highest levels of service offered an equal number of crew members, you can be sure of a stylish, fun and safe rental.

Sailing Yachts Less Than 40 Meters

Stylish and stylish, the sailing yacht fleet of less than 40m offers the thrill of sailing with more than a touch of luxury. Along with excellent sailing performance, most of these modern and classic yachts can be powered at speeds of up to 12 knots and have ample space to accommodate groups of up to 12 people, plus a wide range of entertainment equipment and water sports. A powerful cutting platform offers excellent sail performance in all aspects, while a retractable keel ensures that most anchorages remain accessible.