Gadgets To Stay Healthy And Fit

Preserve health has been one of the major objectives pursued technological advances. Every day we have new devices available that can be used in conjunction with others and control or protect people from disease. We will discuss some gadgets that are at the forefront of technology in the topic:

Bracelet Pendrive To Store Medical History: This is useful for people with chronic diseases and elderly. Gadgets of this type are already used in some medical centers.

MYID Band: MYID band is a variant of the above and with a QR code or key, patient data can reach mobile doctor.

The Buzzy: Buzzy is a unique device capable of relieving the pain of a prick; especially useful for children. It can also be used for bites or scratches.

Belt With Infrared Treatment: With LED innovation created by NASA. This gadget empowers blood dissemination, calming swelling in the joints and releases the tight muscles in all parts of the body. This kind of contraptions can have an extremely checked advancement in the clinical setting over the coming years.

Stimulator For Neck Skin: Device that helps stimulate the neck muscles in order to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.

Withings: This gadget is synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth and serves to control daily activities, personal health and fitness goals.

Mini Steam Humidifier Shaped Android: Using a USB connection, you can work more than 10 hours helping to improve the environment.

The Dash, smart headphones: Launched this year for all kinds of outdoor sportsman, it is uncomfortable to be always aware of the position of the headset; These headphones are able to not fall or move, but also to monitor all sports. This German project is a commitment to technological advancement; system much more comfortable for the athlete wireless audio. What really draws the attention of The Dash, are features that allow quantification leave at home the Smart Watch or quantifying bracelet, only to use these headphones in control of your workouts. The Dash counts steps, cadence, distance, heart rate, oxygen saturation and the energy consumed in this activity. Communicates via notifications performance during movement;

Meanwhile Parrot has designed a new handset model, aspiring to become a real coach capable of monitoring all our physical activity. It includes a cardiac sensor and a pedometer through which it can meet the heart’s function during the sessions.

Voyce Collar: This device watch your pet while you’re not home; designed for dogs and developed by biologists and engineers in animals. This gadget monitors the health and daily behavior, recording their activity, sleep cycles, calories, heart rate and breathing. All such information is a mobile device like smartphone, where it is also possible to send data to a veterinarian.

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What personal qualities do you need to become a dentist?

Dentists are licensed medical professionals who diagnose and treat problems within the mouth and their internal structures. They ensure the health of teeth, gums and other tissues. While dental specialists need medicinal learning, manual aptitude and great business abilities, they likewise require other individual qualities to prevail in their professions. These can have any kind of effect in how a dental specialist identifies with patients, which specifically influences the advantages of dentistry.

Active Listening

The ability to truly listen, understand and transmit the patient you understand is a personal quality called active listening. People trust a dentist who listens, asks questions and does not interrupt when they are trying to explain the oral symptoms or difficulties. Active listening can also reduce the time it takes to diagnose a patient’s problem.

Dentists who also actively listen to their staff learn quickly about what is happening in the office and with patients. Active listening keeps the office and appointments of patients moving smoothly.


Dental patients may not follow routine oral hygiene due to lack of insurance, money or because they are afraid to go to the dentist. Empathic dentists understand why patients do not always take care of their teeth and realize that the necessary resulting procedures can be painful and costly. They convey this empathy with their patients and teach them about upcoming treatments and future oral care.


Humor helps calm nervous dental patients by relaxing them and helping them focus on finding better oral hygiene rather than past failures. Humor also provides a way for a patient to see the dentist as another human being and to rely on the work that needs to be done to regain a healthy mouth.


Dentists also have to have patience in dealing with their patients and staff. People may be afraid to visit a dentist and not want to tell you about the problem during the first visit. Patient dentists can develop a relationship with their patients, reassure them and make the second visit much easier.

Staff can be busy and overwhelmed by delays and complaints. Dentists should use patience to address these issues and train staff in how to respond when it is not available.

To Motivate

Dentists play a key role in motivating patients to achieve and maintain better oral care. Part of the motivation of patients is to educate them, rather than punish them, for poor oral hygiene. A dental specialist who can educate about oral wellbeing and advantages in an intriguing way can rouse others to take control of their own oral care.


A standout amongst the most troublesome parts of owning a dental center is having self-restraint to see patients, to finish printed material and re-submit work applications that were not secured by dental protection the first run through. It is enticing for dental specialists to plan arrangements amid ordinary work hours just, however they regularly need to pull all nighters and a few ends of the week so patients can go when it is helpful or fundamental for them.

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What You Should Know Before Buying And Using Anti-Aging Products

Today most of the womens have wrinkles under eyes because of using wrong anti aging products. before buying any of the skin product you should know what to consider in that products, so it will not hurt your skin.
Know Your Skin!

The skin changes over the years. The appearance of the skin surface is gradually changing as a result of the changes taking place in the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore it is imperative to know the ages of the skin to be correct when recommending the appropriate cosmetic treatment.

Each age has different cosmetic needs. A very young skin and a mature skin require a care and cosmetic products completely different, because the physiological characteristics of the skin are also different.

Recommendations For Every Decade!

From 20 To 30 Years

The youngest skin shows a smooth, luminous and soft appearance. The cell renewal and the synthesis of proteins of support of the dermis work perfectly and the skin shows its best aspect.

The most suitable cleaning products are light formulas, which are easily applied and removed. They should be used in the morning and at night, but do not put on makeup.

Mixed skins abound at this age . In these cases it is advisable to apply different products according to the area of ​​the face to be treated: in the central front, nose and chin will use cosmetics for oily skin, such as toning and moisturizing moisturizers with ratifying effect, while on the cheeks will apply Products for normal or dry skin.

You should use the moisturizer daily. Light emulsions provide comfort and protection and leave no shine on the skin.

Use products containing retinol, vitamins C and E and antioxidants, but avoid alpha tocopherol (a formulation of vitamin E oil), which can cause acne breakouts.

30 To 40 Years

The skin begins to manifest signs of the aging process that began a few years earlier and were barely perceptible. In fact, cell renewal has slowed down since the age of 25 and this intrinsic biological process is compounded by environmental aggression. The skin appears more muted, less turgid than in the previous decade. In the thirties appear the first wrinkles of expression generally, in the outline of the eyes and the first spots of hyper pigmentation in the face.

To exfoliate the face, you can use the new products of microdermabrasion accompanied by a massager. The exfoliating particles eliminate dead cells and impurities, leaving the skin smooth and smooth, and the accompanying massage activates the circulation in the face, providing luminosity to the skin.

Choose more complete moisturizers for example: with antioxidants, vitamins or actives that improve the luminosity.

To eliminate the first wrinkles, treatments based on glycolic acid, at concentrations between 8 and 15% can be applied. Higher concentrations will be reserved for older skin with spots or marks of acne.

The bags in the eyes are usually caused by slow blood flow and lymphatic fluid retention. They can be attenuated with the application of an eye contour containing draining substances. Do not apply fatty products, which can aggravate the problem.

When the skin is off, treatment sera based on vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants can be used. They can be applied before the moisturizer or at bedtime

40 To 50 Years

From the age of 45 the process of aging accelerates, especially in women, due to the decrease of estrogens. The wrinkles are more pronounced around the eyes, front and around the mouth, while the facial oval is losing tone and firmness and shows the first signs of flaccidity. All the skin is refined, shows an irregular and irregular tone and the dryness is accentuated.

Exfoliating cosmetics will be applied more frequently, to stimulate cell renewal that slows down at this age. Exfoliates remove dead cells on the skin, smooth the skin surface and activate the blood supply through the massage that accompanies its application.

Smoothing sera, which contain macro proteins and silicones, or anti- oxidant sera rich in vitamins and anti-free radical actives, are recommended for smoother skins, such as smokers’ skin. Moisturizing creams will be richer in texture to compensate The lowest age-specific lipid secretion.

As a night treatment product, it is time to use firming creams for the face, which stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastic. Also very effective are cosmetics that contain vitamin A derivatives, which regenerate the skin and contribute to reduce deeper wrinkles.

Apply a specific product for the eye contour that contains draining, tensing and firming substances.

50 To 60 Years

By the age of 60, the skin is much drier than in the previous decade. It is also more sensitive and reactive than in previous years due to the lower barrier effect of the hydrolipidic mantle and the lower activity of the skin defense system. All skin shows a matte appearance and is more flaccid and fine to the touch. The changes caused by the intrinsic aging of the skin are aggravated by factors such as sun exposure, pollution, tobacco, poor quality of life, etc. In fact, external factors are mainly responsible for skin aging, and of all of them, sun exposure is the most damaging factor.

Face cleansing products are richer and more unctuous formulas, which bring emollience and softness to the skin.

As a night treatment, quite nutritious formulas containing active ingredients such as retinol and its derivatives, metalloproteinase inhibitors, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) repairers, etc. are suitable.

The most suitable eye contour cosmetics contain draining, tightening and firming substances as well as lipid ingredients that compensate for the dryness characteristic of menopause (essential fatty acids, car amides, etc.).

When the skin appears more muted, shock concentrate should be used. They contain vitamins, peptides, trace elements, antioxidants, organic acids, fatty acids, DNA repairers, immunostimulants, etc., which effectively combat opaque appearance and dryness.

Are You Using Too Many Anti-Aging Products? We Tell You The Consequences!

The anti-aging products can provide numerous benefits to the skin, such as increased collagen production, signs of wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable generally seen with a more youthful appearance. But their use too often can have the opposite effect. Excessive use of anti-aging products can cause irritation and inflammation, as well as collagen and elastic breakdown. Chemical exfoliations and microdermabrasion performed very frequently can promote blood vessel growth.

Remember, if you begin to see irritation or redness on the skin after using an anti-aging product; take it as a sign that the product is probably too strong for the skin.

Difference Between Disposable Gloves

The latex gloves, nitrile or vinyl have been used for many years especially in the field of health, food or industry to prevent contamination Bacterian to and as a measure of security. Without this protective measure, food or surgical equipment could carry contaminants with a consequent health risk.

In the market there are numerous types of gloves that adapt to a multitude of cases according to various aspects such as allergies, hardness or sensitivity, but do you know the main differences between the most common types of gloves?

Gloves With Dust Or Dust?

The powder of the gloves is composed of corn starch and has the advantage of a facilitating effect for its placement, and as an inconvenience that can sometimes cause irritations or allergies. Dust, on the other hand, does not affect any functionality, durability or resistance of the glove. Dust-free gloves undergo an intensive washing process and receive a synthetic coating of polymers to have the same characteristics as gloves with powder.

Differences Between Glove Types

The main difference between the different types of disposable gloves that we can find in the market are the materials of which they are composed, since the latex for example is of natural origin (comes from the natural rubber) and yet the rest of materials Are synthetic (Vinilio, Nitrile, PVC) and according to these characteristics are better indicated for the different works.

the disposable gloves made of chloroprene and below we will explain little more detailsand differences between the different types of disposable gloves when choosing which to buy.

We Classify Glove Types According To Four Criteria:

Sensitivity: It is the ability of the glove to transmit the touch naturally without appreciating that we wear it, is vital for sensitive manipulation work, as in surgical areas. In this sense, latex gloves are the most valued.

Allergens: Propensity to cause problems arising from allergies. In this respect, synthetic gloves have greater advantages than natural latex.

Resistance: The resistance can be measured in relation to the stretch or the puncture, we have made an average classification between both. In this case Nitrile and Vinyl are the kings, while Vitrilo and Latex are more likely to break by pricking or stretching.

Price: Each type of glove has an average price, the most economical being vinyl and vitriol, and more expensive latex and nitrile.

8 Keys To Choosing A Fertility Clinic

Are you suffering from fertility problem and looking to know what is a fertility doctor? According to the study “Infertility in United States: Current Situation and Perspectives”, approximately 15% of couples of reproductive age cannot have a child. At least not in a natural way. So the next step for those who do not want to give up is to seek help. Infertility is more than a word that is avoided in public. It is, above all, a reality of many couples who are blocked from sleep.

One of the most important decisions is the choice of fertility clinic. People who suffer from infertility are clear about what they want but do not know how the path will be drawn. Inevitably, there are many questions that arise. Which center is the best? Why should I bet on one and not another? What should I evaluate before choosing an option?

Currently, there are more than 250 assisted reproduction centers in our country. Objectively, it is difficult to establish a criterion for choosing one of them. Science, technology, experience or success stories are important but we cannot forget to value the most personal factors.

How To Choose A Fertility Clinic

The First Impression

Your relationship with the clinic starts from the moment you open the door. Everything influences. How you feel? What do they convey to you? Keep in mind the small details and your personal point of view.

The Value Of The Information

Communication is key to the development of treatment. Trust and transparency will allow you to create a closer and warm bond with the medical team.

A Certified Clinic

Make sure the clinic takes quality seriously and is verified by independent associations.

Innovation And Technology

Infertility requires the latest technology. This is the only way to achieve the highest success rates.

Compare And Reflect

Before making a decision, value what the various assisted reproduction clinics offer you: treatments, techniques, equipment, prices … It is advisable to go to three or four centers and reflect on the information you receive.

The Male Factor

30% of infertility is caused by a male factor. It is important that the diagnoses take into account both partners. Having an Andrology Unit adds value to the clinic. In addition, the intervention of the andrologist improves the gestation rate and the performance of the techniques.

The Best Team

Professional, plural and vocation. That is the formula. And is that the best team is composed of doctors from all disciplines: gynecologists, andrologos, psychologists, embryologists, physiotherapists and experts in natural therapies. Likewise, it is also important that you always take care of the same professionals. From the beginning to the end of the treatment. Only then will you know all the details of your case.

Preventive Psychological Study

Support for Prevention. Strategies. The figure of the psychologist is key to living the process in a healthier and adaptive way. Infertility is a clash of emotions but with adequate psychological help, this experience will not turn into a chronic, life-threatening crisis. At Fertilab, we conduct a preventive psychological study for all women and couples who decide to start the process with the following objectives:

  • Detect doubts or difficulties that arise at the beginning of the process.
  • Know and review the individual adaptive resources of each person.
  • Value, coordinate the data and promote the initial decision making.
  • Delineate the remaining areas of the patient’s life that may interfere with the emotional process throughout the treatment.

And above all, remember that case is different. Not everything is numbers. No percentages. Behind the infertility are real people and stories. Requires personalized attention. It is not an option, it is what you deserve. Since 1978, 5 million children have been born thanks to reproduction techniques. Choosing the best fertility clinic is the starting point of this path for fulfilling the pregnancy dream.

10 Tips To Enjoy Life As A Couple

We should forget about some concepts that we have deeply rooted about relationship. A couple is not a battlefield, having a partner does not imply loss of freedom and enjoying life as a couple is possible if we learn to take love as it comes. We have some tips to enjoy life as a couple.

How To Be Happy In A Couple In Ten Steps

We often ask ourselves what is a happy couple and where is the secret to enjoy love fully and to forget the part of suffering that implies. You can be happy as a couple as you can enjoy life as a couple, you just have to have some clear things.

1.) Independence: The key to living as a couple does not seem like a jail is to maintain some independence within the relationship. Times and spaces reserved for each one in order not to become Siamese and maintain individuality.

2.) Honesty: To enjoy life as a couple requires a good dose of honesty, especially with yourself to know if that man is your ideal man or you are with him only because you do not like solitude.

3.) Leisure: Shared leisure is one of the best links between two people. Having some hobby in common helps you enjoy the time you spend together and boredom is not installed at home.

4.) Laughter: The couple that laughs together stays together could be a good motto for love. The sense of humor is fundamental in life in general and in the life of the couple in particular. If there is no shared laughter, there is no love.

5.) Surprises: From time to time we should introduce the surprise factor to combat the daily routine. A dinner that you have not programmed in advance or an unexpected gesture are essential to keep the spark in the relationship.

Couple honeymoon

6.) Sex: Regardless of the sexual stages that every couple goes through, sex with your partner should be good. Sexual compatibility is more important than what people want to believe and your life partner would have to be the best fitter partner for you.

7.) Travel: You cannot always afford to spend a sophisticated vacation to the other side of the world, but traveling as a couple is one of the best ways to intensify the bond. A weekend in another city or a rural break you alone should be obligatory.

8.) New Features: In order to become a long-term partner it is good to make discoveries together. Hobbies or interests that are added to the ones you already have but that you discover at the same time, with the same illusion.

9.)Speaking &Speaking: Although some men prefer to take it for granted, communication is the basic pillar of a couple. Without speaking do not solve the misunderstandings, without speaking you do not get to know the other person and without speaking you do not progress in the relationship.

10.) You Win: You want this relationship to go well and he should have the same desire. The teamwork is essential for couples to enjoy and to continue walking hand in hand in the same direction.