Use Of Gloves In The Hospital

Wearing gloves at the hospital helps prevent the spread of microbes. This serves to protect both patients and health care workers from infection.

When To Wear Gloves

Buy nitrile gloves here are referred to as personal protective equipment (PPE). Other types of PPE include gowns, face masks and covers and shoes.

Gloves create a barrier between microbes and hands. They help keep your hands clean and decrease the chance of getting germs that can make you sick.

Wear gloves whenever you touch blood, body fluids, body tissues, mucous membranes or injured skin. Even if a patient looks healthy and has no signs of any microbe, you should wear gloves for this type of contact.

Choosing The Appropriate Gloves

Disposable gloves should be available in any room or area where patient care is provided.

Gloves come in different sizes, so be sure to choose the right size to fit well.

If the gloves are too large, it is difficult to hold objects and it is easier for the germs to penetrate your gloves.

Gloves that are too small are more likely to tear.

Some cleaning and care procedures require sterile or surgical gloves. Sterile means “free of microbes.” These gloves come in numbered sizes (5.5 to 9). Know the size of yours in advance.

If you are going to handle chemicals, check the Material Safety Data Sheet to see what type of glove you will need.

DO NOT use oil-based hand lotions or creams, unless approved for use with latex gloves.

If you are allergic to latex , wear non-latex gloves and avoid contact with other products containing this material.

Remove gloves

When Removing Gloves, Make Sure That The Outside Of Them Does Not Touch Their Bare Hands. Please Follow These Steps:

Grasp the top of the right glove with your left hand.

Pull to the tips of your fingers. The glove will be turned upside down.

Hold the empty glove with your left hand.

Put two fingers of the right hand on the top of the left glove.

Pull to the tips of your fingers until you have turned the glove upside down and removed it from your hand. The right glove will now be inside the left glove.

Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date.

Always use new gloves for each patient and wash your hands between each patient to avoid transmitting microbes.