What If You Suffer An Accident In Uber?

Uber defines himself as a technology provider, not as a transportation company or auto service, which allows the company to put more blame on the driver and makes it more difficult for passengers, pedestrians and other drivers to file complaints And claims with Uber .

  • There is no customer service phone number available for those involved in a Uber crashto make a call, just an email address. The company is notoriously difficult to communicate, and victims may become discouraged. But our lawyers will use their experience to sue the driver as the responsible company.
  • Even if you were a driver in another car that is involved with a vehicle driven by a Uber driver , or if you were a pedestrian, you still have a right tosubstantial compensation from the driver’s insurance as well as Uber’s additional policy .

What Is Uber And How Is It Working?

Uber is a transport service through an APP application on smartphone iOS, Android and Windows Phone phones at less cost than bias in a traditional taxi. You can travel quickly and reliably in just minutes, day or night. Without having to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber , you ask for trips with a simple touch and it is very easy to pay by credit card. It works similarly to conventional taxis but with private non-professional drivers .

What Kind Of Compensation Will I Receive For The Car Accident Attorneys In Uber?

Under The Law, For The Damages You Suffered In The Auto Accident You Can Get Compensation That Includes:

  • Pains and physical suffering past and future mental anguish and physical deterioration
  • Past and future medical and hospital expenses, rehabilitation, disability and other health care related expenses
  • Past economic losses including loss of wages, wages or income and property damage
  • Loss of future income due to any long-term disability and permanent diminished income capacity
  • Unfair death when the lawsuit is filed by the family of the loved one who died

I Had A Car Accident In Uber. What Should I Do?

  • Take photos of property and physical damage
  • Contact the police and request a police report
  • Take the contact information of your driver and all other drivers involved
  • Seek medical attention.